AW: [horde] Uploaded mail-attachments are sometimes broken (2nd try... plz HELP, serious problem)

Udo Schubert news4dadirtyluk at
Wed Feb 26 02:43:52 PST 2003

>Looks like the IMP sometimes cannot convert/encode the attachments... What
>found is, that after i restarted the Apache, it worked better.... but thats
>not the solution!

either it works,or it doesn't,right? how do you test these attachements to
wrong formatted,or something like that?
i have the problem that some incoming faxes are broken,after converting them
to pdf and downloading through imp...

as announced imp 3.2 should have fixed some of these bugs,but since i use
cvs head i can't test imp 3.2
but i guess bugfixes for version 3.2 should be in cvs too,or not? (then i
suppose there were still bugs to fix,or the problem is somewhere else...)

best regards


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