[horde] Multiple prefs backed?

Rick Romero rick at havokmon.com
Fri Mar 28 06:48:33 PST 2003

I'm having a hell of a time trying to determine the best way to leverage
existing user 'rights' into Horde.

I have users on vpopmail, in a MySQL table, who have 'Service Levels'
assigned to them.  I'm running Horde/IMP/turba CVS, my auth is via IMP.

I would like to:

1. Restrict users from turba/kronolith/mnemo based on the vpopmail table
ServiceLevel entry.
2. Restrict users from parts WITHIN each project.  For example,
fetchmail within IMP.

It looks like at least #2 is possible with the Permissions in the
'Admin' section, but I already have automated signups, I don't want to
dduplicate data - and I'm not quite sure I understand how it's supposed
to work ;)  (Just put a perms wrapper around preferences?)

Makes sense, but is the future plan to wrapp the whole prefs.php with
perms, and just set everything to 'Default'?

How could/can that be applied to the Horde registry?



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