[horde] Horde SQL Authentication with Postnuke....?

Hugo Proost hugo.proost at bigfoot.com
Mon Mar 31 09:57:57 PST 2003

Can anyone please tell me if the following is possible with Horde...and
if so how?
I host a Postnuke 7.2.3 powered site with its own MySQL database and its
own (Postnuke)users. 
I also run an experimental Horde site on that same server with its own
database and its own(Horde)users.
Now I was wondering if it would be possible to let Horde authentication
look at the Postnuke MySQL database. I want to prevent users that have
already been authenticated by Postnuke from having to fill in there
username and password again if the want to enter Horde.
I saw a couple of Authentication files in the folder 'horde\lib\Auth'
but I am not that educated in the art of PHP 
By the way, I am using:
- Windows XP
- Apache 2
- PHP 4.3.0
- MySQL 3.23
- Horde 3.0 cvs
- And some other stuff for Horde
- Postnuke 7.2.3

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