[horde] RE:Where is the mail?

Peters, Michael D. Michael.Peters at acbl.net
Mon Apr 21 12:39:36 PDT 2003

/var/mail is empty except for :saved.

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Have you looked in

/var/mail/username ?


I found in my home directory, a directory called "mail" that contained all
the sent items. Great! So this explains my question about where the mail is.
The problem still exists that qmail will drop mail into the maildir/new
directory and not the mail/inbox directory. For giggles I linked the
maildir/new into mail/new and under my browser login, I can see all my
waiting mail in another directory besides the "inbox".

Does anyone know where these directories are configured so that I can see
then when logging into horde/imp?

Best regards,

Michael D. Peters 

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