[horde] Re: new horde 4.0 cvs very slow

Bulba007 bulba007 at wp.pl
Fri Jul 25 18:55:39 PDT 2003

Uzytkownik "Eric Rostetter" <eric.rostetter at physics.utexas.edu> napisal w
wiadomosci news:1059173750.4401578b4ae8e at mail.ph.utexas.edu...
> Quoting Bulba007 <bulba007 at wp.pl>:
> > In comparizon to previous version horde/imp system go to very slow!
> What previous version was that?  Did you change other things in the
> also (e.g. apache, php, ssl state, etc)?
> > Stop to complicate it!
> No thanks.
> > B.
> Maybe you should read horde/docs/PERFORMANCE and see if you can speed it
> up?  Like do you have mcrypt support in your php?

When I remove my accounts from admin array in /horde/config/conf.php horde
run really fast.


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