[horde] updating config files

Adrian DeBoer stud_muffin_540 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 14 12:50:34 PST 2004

> Because things change.  In particular, new
> configuration items are
> added.  So you need to update them to include the
> new items, etc.

Ok...so give me the steps on how I would go about to
updating these config files:

Example:  download the following files from such and
such a website, make sure they have such and such
extension...and extract them into such and such a

> Because we don't know what your configuration is, so
> we can't create
> your configuration file for you.  

Ok....all I wanna do is setup Kronolith CVS version. 
I've ran the scripts to create the horde and kronolith
mysql tables.  I have a generic user called 'bob' as
my admin user.  I can login into the Horde framwork,
but as soon as I type the URL - http://horde/kronolith
- that is when I get all the php errors.  I'll gladly
post them again is you to see them.  I do have a
conf.php in my kronolith directory -would you guys
like to see it?

> If you read the horde/docs/INSTALL file and
> horde/imp/docs/INSTALL files
> you would know how to create them.

Create the updated config files?????? Ok....I'll read
it again...maybe I missed something.


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