[horde] article manager

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Thu Feb 19 11:38:10 PST 2004

Quoting duck <duck at obala.net>:

> I just written a "news" module easy for non-technical users to update
> and manage articles, publishing contents in side horde.
> I would be glad to make it public.

Sounds nifty, and like it'd fit in pretty well with some of where we're going.
It also seems like you could build it out of existing apps, though - 
here's how
I'd do what you describe using existing apps:

> It works with current horde-cvs and basic features are:
> - permissions for adding content per user and per category

Done by Jonah (permissions on channels). (at least, I think that's done - if
not, it should be).

> - browsing by categories and subcategories

Would be added to Jonah.

> - attach files (stored on disk to be read from gollem)

Gollem, as you said.

> - commenting articles

Link to agora, creating a "forum" for each article root to store the comment

> - upload a photo for each article

Choose the photos from Ansel/upload them to Ansel.

> - HTMLarea for editing content

This would be great to have in Jonah.

What do you think of doing things more that way?

> If there is any interest I can explain a little bit more, or I can
> upload it for testing / send the code.
> I would continue developing it anyway, course is already used on a site.

I'd definitely like to see the code.


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