[horde] Horde is really really slow on my machine.

Eric Rostetter eric.rostetter at physics.utexas.edu
Mon Mar 1 10:02:59 PST 2004

Quoting Christopher Huyler <chris at huyler.net>:

> I was planning to use the IMP webmail for half a dozen email accounts.  It
> will not get heavy traffic, at most 1 or 2 users at a time.

You could probably make the machine work for that level of use then.

> Authentication is not the problem nor is the imapd service.

You're missing my point.  It isn't the external auth/imap service, but
the auth/imap service via horde/imp that I'm talking about.

> I also know
> that MySQL runs fairly quickly.  I have a few php pages that I'm hosting now
> and none of them take more than a second to load.  The test pages for Horde
> and IMP also load very quickly.

The test page does no session or authentication; all other pages do.  So
this is why I'm saying the problem may be in the authentication,
session management, etc.

> I can use /horde/imp/test.php to
> authenticate against the imap daemon very quickly.  However, loading every
> other page in the Horde/IMP package takes a long time; the login page, the
> inbox page, viewing a message, the options page, etc.  I only have IMP
> installed so I can not comment on other apps.

Those pages all involve session management.  All except the login page
do authentications.  So the first thing to check is the speed of session
management.  You should be able to test that on the horde test.php page.
How fast/slow is the session functionality there?

> I went through the config files looking for ways to improve performance and
> the only thing I found to change was compressing the files before
> transmitting them.

You could also try a php accelerator ;)

> I know my machine takes a long time
> compressing/uncompressing gzip files so I turned this feature off.
> Unfortunately it didn't make a difference.


> I am inclined to think that this is a php problem but my other php pages,
> although simple, do not use up so much cpu time.   This morning I tried
> building php as a static module instead of a shared module, but that didn't
> make a difference either.  I'm out of ideas.

Yeah, the module type won't make any significant change (very small change
for sure, but not on the scale you are looking for).  For that kind of
change you need a php accelerator.  But I think you have an issue that
can be solved outside of php.

Have you tried it with other browsers/clients?

> ~ Chris

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