[horde] [imp?] Broken IMAP connection

horde at ruokomaki.fi horde at ruokomaki.fi
Sun Mar 7 01:35:49 PST 2004

Can anyone help me with a broken connection to server? Logging in with IMP does
not work at all. Mozilla acts like I've never pressed the submit button.
(Username and password are correct.) Konqueror seems to know the actual reason
as it gives the error message:

"An error occured while loading http://www.ruokomaki.fi/test.php:

Connection to host www.ruokomaki.fi is broken"

As you can see, the test file is trying to connect to localhost. (Same result
with host being localhost or domain name.)

That test.php file equals to IMP's test.php which works just fine on two other
servers. (Okay, test.php isn't the login form, but I'm using it because errors
of test.php and login.php go hand in hand and test.php is independent on Horde

The tricky part is that the server which does not know how to keep connections
alive is one of webhosting company's. Last time I heard from them, they said
that they're working on it but I shoudn't be expecting too much because it's not
part of their customer service. I guess if I could name the problem, they'd be
fixing it in no time.

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post my problems, but I've nowhere
else to go. I someone's been experiencing the same, I'd really, really
appreciate any help. If this is a never-heard for all of you, thank you anyway
for reading this far.

Come what may, thanks in advance.


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