[horde] UPDATED Patch for Passwd LDAP driver

LRM lrm at ionline.com.br
Tue May 4 12:51:52 PDT 2004



Ok, I've got the latest CVS commit you have done, and here is the last patch
based on that CVS commit.


There were a few things missing, some optimizations, some comments, and for
example the check to use 'realm' on 'changePassword' only if 'userdn' can't
be found.

Previously it was like forcing the use of 'realm' on 'changePassword'
function, if that is set on the backend configuration, ignoring the userdn
that could be found on the previous operations.


But it's all commented on the patch as you can see.


Lemme know if any issues arised, and thanks for the nice cleaning on the
previous ones ;-)








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