[horde] Cookie stuff (browser not remembering login)

Ben Davis ben.davis at pca-wichita.com
Tue May 4 13:23:39 PDT 2004

I sent this message over a week ago w/ no response... So, I figured It 
try throwing it out there again.
(using 3.0-cvs)
For some reason the browser is not remembering logins. When I go to a
different website and then come back to horde, I have to log in
again.    I had this working before, and I can't remember what I did to
get it working..  My installation has horde at the webserver root
("http://myserver/"), and the (afaik) relevant parts of config/conf.php are:

$conf['session']['name'] = 'Horde';
$conf['session']['cache_limiter'] = 'nocache';
$conf['session']['timeout'] = 0;

$conf['cookie']['domain'] = $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'];
$conf['cookie']['path'] = '/';

$conf['sessionhandler']['type'] = 'none';

Is there anything in here that doesn't seem correct?

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