[horde] Setting Up Weather

Michael W. Jones mjones at otsc.com
Tue Oct 5 20:02:52 PDT 2004

Metar works fine if you have the two tables loaded in your Horde database.
The files to populate it are located at:


I would have to search the archives for the instructions on how to create
and populate the tables, but once they are populated, the option to select a
location will appear in the portal block.

My question is, with the nice service from weather.com, do we really need
Metar (which is really an aviation weather service)?  This thought is
particularly with the requirement for us to maintain the location database
on the server (whereas weather.com does all that for us).

Mike Jones
Houston, Texas

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> Yes, I am referring to the Portal.  I see no option anywhere for 
> setting up the location :-(
> Dumb question, but how many weather blocks are there?  Where can I see 
> the options for these?

Looks like there are currently two - Metar Weather, which you are probably
using, and weather.com, which you should be using. :) The Metar block does
seem broken in terms of not having a place to enter the location. The
weather.com block works well and lets you type in your city/state.

Hope that helps,

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