[horde] Setting Up Weather

eculp at encontacto.net eculp at encontacto.net
Wed Oct 6 04:22:19 PDT 2004

Quoting "Michael W. Jones" <mjones at otsc.com>:

> Metar works fine if you have the two tables loaded in your Horde database.
> The files to populate it are located at:
> ftp://ftp.horde.org/pub/jonah/jonah_weathercountries.tsv
> ftp://ftp.horde.org/pub/jonah/jonah_weatherstations.tsv
> I would have to search the archives for the instructions on how to create
> and populate the tables, but once they are populated, the option to select a
> location will appear in the portal block.
> My question is, with the nice service from weather.com, do we really need
> Metar (which is really an aviation weather service)?  This thought is
> particularly with the requirement for us to maintain the location database
> on the server (whereas weather.com does all that for us).

I had assumed that metar was no longer supported because or previous problems
and that the table structure no longer exists in the database structure in
horde/jonah/scripts/sql or anywhere else that I can find.  Following this
conversation, I'm no longer sure.

What is the official recommendation?



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