[horde] Setting Up Weather

Michael C. Ibarra ibarra at hawk.com
Wed Oct 6 06:18:59 PDT 2004

Actually, I had read the horde/jonah/docs/CHANGES and Chuck had
an entry in there that stated weather was totally removed from
jonah altogether.  Are there any database dependencies anywhere,
aside from the two old *.tsv ones mentioned below?  Alot of my
databases are in need of chnages as I've not yet made all of the
changes to them as required.

Lastly, thank you to both Michael Jones and Thomas O'Brien for their
quick responses.  In the case of potentially missing pear libs, they
were all installed.

PS I've never dropped the two tables from my horde db created with the 
two .tsv
files mentioned.


Quoting "eculp at encontacto.net" <eculp at encontacto.net>:

> Quoting "Michael W. Jones" <mjones at otsc.com>:
>> Metar works fine if you have the two tables loaded in your Horde database.
>> The files to populate it are located at:
>> ftp://ftp.horde.org/pub/jonah/jonah_weathercountries.tsv
>> ftp://ftp.horde.org/pub/jonah/jonah_weatherstations.tsv
>> I would have to search the archives for the instructions on how to create
>> and populate the tables, but once they are populated, the option to select a
>> location will appear in the portal block.
>> My question is, with the nice service from weather.com, do we really need
>> Metar (which is really an aviation weather service)?  This thought is
>> particularly with the requirement for us to maintain the location database
>> on the server (whereas weather.com does all that for us).
> I had assumed that metar was no longer supported because or previous problems
> and that the table structure no longer exists in the database structure in
> horde/jonah/scripts/sql or anywhere else that I can find.  Following this
> conversation, I'm no longer sure.
> What is the official recommendation?
> Thanks,
> ed
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