[horde] cannot generate horde.conf; screen stays blank

Edwin L. Culp eculp at encontacto.net
Thu Jul 7 16:44:55 PDT 2005

Quoting Dick Hoogendijk <dick at nagual.st>:

> On 07 Jul Edwin L. Culp wrote:
>> Quoting dick hoogendijk <dick at nagual.st>:


>> You only must have what is mentioned in horde/docs/INSTALL

>> Really the above is just a reference and the good stuff is in
>> horde/docs/INSTALL and probably on one of the wiki's but I don't have a
>> url.
>> You only must have what is mentioned in horde/docs/INSTALL
> Thank you for this explanation. I (almost) have the same modules
> installed, only for php4 (not 5) and apache1.
> I will uninstall all the pear-* modules and the php4-extensions and
> start over. Maybe this helps (although I already did this almost like I
> write now WITHOUT SUCCESS).
> I will install the PECL modules though.
> What I don't understand is why my PEAR is not detected _and_ why thje
> setup screens stay blank!

you can execute pear from the command line? Could you send me the results of:

# pear list You have the following in /usr/local/etc/php.ini?

error_reporting  =  E_ALL
display_errors = On
display_startup_errors = On

and you have reset apache?

you have gone to horde/framework and done

# ./install-packages.php

With all the above we should see some errors from php or a pear problem.

Is you path set properly in php.ini.  I've had issues with what goes in 
/usr/local/share/pear and what goes in /usr/local/lib/php but it is a 
bit more clear now but some time ago, FreeBSD ports put pear in 
/usr/local/lib/php, IIRC.

good luck,


> And yes, I read all documentation and can see nothing I did not do like
> it's told to do. That's why I'm a little frustrated. I simply want it to
> work because it seems such a nice program. My php version is supported
> (no red lines ;-) It has a memory limit warning but hey that's ok. PEAR
> is not seen (very weird, it's there alright) and starting the config
> screen nothing shows.. (except the tiny menu's). I'm puzzled..

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