[horde] imap ssl works of a local station but not from the server

dick hoogendijk dick at nagual.st
Sun Jul 10 02:15:31 PDT 2005

On 09 Jul Roger Fishwick wrote:
> Have a look at hosts.alow check that the local machine is included in
> the allowed set ! up the debug level in couriers auth and imap configs
> then check the logs if it's getting as far as courier you should see
> why.  Hope that's of some help.  Couriers normally pretty easy to sort
> out if you just work through it slowly and methodically.

hosts.allow -> no prob ; nothing weird in imap-ssl / pop3d-ssl
The only difference is that when I log into imapd-ssl from the
workstation (using horde/imp) all goes well. Connection from ..

Doing it from within horde/imp on the server imapd-ssl is running on it
does not work. Only the imap/pop3 servers accept connections.
The ssl-versions drop with a
"imapd-ssl: Unexpected SSL Connection Shutdown"

It does make no difference if I log into localhost (local ip) or use the
nagual.st mailserver. Don't know where to look.

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