[horde] Suggestions for Problem Reporting...

Anant S Athavale asa at isac.ernet.in
Fri Jul 15 07:07:15 PDT 2005

  1. While reporting a problem, there should be an option to enter
the Users contact number.  The problem report should not be accepted
without typing the users contact number.  

  In most cases, the user complains that, he is not receiving the
mails (usually due to overquota problem).  So, even if I reply to his
mail problem, he won't see it as his quota is over.  If giving
contact number compulsory, we can contact him over phone and sort out
the issue.

  2. Option should be given in Horde configuration for problem
report, w.r.t. whether Sender's name and e-mail Ids to be editable or
not.  This is to make sure that there is no forging of mails.

  I have modified the code w.r.t. 1st option, but hard coded the 2nd
one, so that it is not editable.

Anant Athavale,

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