[horde] Performance / Kernel 2.4 / Kernel 2.6

Anant S Athavale asa at isac.ernet.in
Thu Aug 11 04:36:08 PDT 2005

We were running Horde 2 / IMP 3 on AMD 64 bit dual processor  (Opteron) system. 
We were finding the performance/speed is excellent.

We are currently running RHEL 3.0 Update 5 AS on that system.

After migrating to Horde 3/IMP 4 and other applications, CPU consumption goes
even up 95% at peak hours and the response to the users is poor during that

We tried performance tuning of HTTPD, PGSQL, CYRUS-IMAP etc... but the poor
response time continues during that peak hours.

Can anybody comment on performance/response time improvement if upgraded to
Kernel Ver 2.6 (ie. RHEL 4 )?  We are planning to upgrade to RHEL 4.  If any of
you has any feedback on that, please share with me.


Anant Athavale,

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