[horde] Blank page after login

Peter Becker tera at teranus.de
Thu Oct 13 07:03:30 PDT 2005

> When I login with the right password, there's only a blank page
> shown. It's not realy blank - but nothing is displayed.
> The authentication was successfull - says the horde3.log.

> I use Horde under Debian Linux unstable release and installed the
> apt-package. This is at the moment 3.0.5

> Do you need more informations about something?

I now also tried to use other server-services in combination.

I had Apache2 with PHP4.
Now I tried it with PHP5 and after having the same result,
I tried to use Apache with PHP4

So I don't think it's an issue of the Webserver or the ScriptLanguage.
Please help me

Kind regards,

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