[horde] Horde 3.0.6 and last version of IMP Problems on installon, windows 2000 / XP over apache 2.0 and mysql 4.1 (Gustavo Demaria)

Gustavo Demaria gmdemaria at datafull.com
Tue Nov 22 06:51:30 PST 2005

Chris : thanks for your response, I have the extension enabled and I dont 
get the error dll error, this is the rare, I have gd2 library enabled too 
but horde test  script doesnt detect gd, with  XML library  the same  .
I dont know what other thing I missed

Thank again for your help

This is my php configuration

extension_dir = "c:\php4\extensions\"

include_path = "c:\php4\cli\pear;c:\php4\cli"


Ctype Support: Yes
a.. DOM XML Support: No
a.. FTP Support: Yes
a.. GD Support: No
a.. Gettext Support: No

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>>Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 14:14:45 -0300
>>From: "Gustavo Demaria" <gmdemaria at datafull.com>
>>Subject: [horde] Horde 3.0.6 and last version of IMP Problems on
>> install on windows 2000 / XP over apache 2.0 and mysql 4.1
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> Mabuhay!
> I have installed Horde on Windows 2000 Professional, with Apache 2, PHP
> 5 and MySQL 4.1. I also encountered the same problem with PHP and Pear
> when I tried Horde for the first time. Horde will need a PHP with
> Gettext support but you said that you have it enabled. If you restart
> your apache server, does it says something like, "PHP Startup: Unable to
> load dynamic library 'c:/php/ext\php_gettext.dll'..." You do not need to
> recompile PHP in order to have it support Gettext. Open the php.ini
> file, which is usually located on C:/winnt. Go to to the "Dynamic
> extensions" section of the file and look for
> ";extension=php_gettext.dll". Delete the ";" before it. Check
> "extension_dir = c:/php/ext" if it matches the directory where you saved
> the PECL/PHP extension files/dll and also check that you have the
> extension files you needed. Most of the other errors should be gone
> after you have installed/configured PHP to support gettext. If you are
> still getting problem with Pear, you may need to re-run the go-pear.bat
> file to reinstall Pear.
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