[horde] imp and ingo (cvs HEAD)

Vilius Šumskas vilius at lnk.lt
Mon Feb 27 04:31:04 PST 2006

Tom Hodder <tom at ecnow.co.uk> rašė:

> Hi,
> Since I updated to the HEAD imp and ingo, I have experienced a
> problem, whereby if ingo has moved messages from the cyrus imap INBOX,
> eg to SPAM folder or to list folder, then the links to the messages in
> the INBOX are now pointing to different messages.
> eg if 1 message has been moved from the INBOX, all the links clicked,
> actually open the message above them in the list. This is also a
> problem for deleting messags.
> Is there a fix for this?

I can confirm this.


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