[horde] Traduction doesn't work with Horde 3 ?

pierre-louis@gingembre.org pierre-louis at gingembre.org
Sun Mar 26 00:59:24 PST 2006


I'm desesperately trying to translate my Horde application in French
but it seems that I don't undersatnad exaclty what I have to do...

I'm using the latest versions of each components (Horde 3.1, Imp 4.1,
...) and in the po directory, I can't find any Makefile to compile my
prefered language (My real server in production is running a Horde v2
and Imp v3 and I had no problem to change the language to French). So
I tried to compile the French language with the command
"./translation.php make -l fr_FR" but no result ! I changed the
default language in the horde/config/nls.php to fr_FR but nothing more
! And when I select "Francais" in Horde login page, only the
explanations are in French...

So if anybody could bring me help to translate my Horde3/Imp4, it  
woulb be so please...



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