[horde] lower/uppercase problems

Fabio Pedretti fabio.pedretti at ing.unibs.it
Fri Mar 31 03:25:57 PST 2006

I am using horde 3.1.1, imp 4.1, turba 2.1 and kronolith 2.1. I am using imp 
authentication with an IMAP backend, and MySQL for the prefs.
I have some problems with the login name: I can login into horde either with 
lower-case or upper-case or mixed-case in horde and imp works fine.
However, in imp and turba I see that the prefs are saved with the exact login, 
so if I login with "user", I see "user" in MySQL tables, if I login with 
"UsEr", I see "UsEr".
Instead, I can create New Event in the calendar only if I am logged in with 
the lower-case, otherwise I get an error that I don't have enough permission 
to create the event. If I create the event, with the lower-case login, when I 
log in with upper-case I can see the event in the calendar view, but I can't 
view, edit or delete the event.
So the point is: shouldn't horde save the user-name in MySQL always with 
lowercase even if I login with upper or mixed case, since the user is the 
same (at least when using IMAP authentication which do not differentiates 
beetween lower or upper case)? Is this a bug or I have misconfigured 


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