[horde] Still having trouble connecting to Administration => users

Marco Pirovano marco.pirovano at unibocconi.it
Wed Jul 26 23:51:25 PDT 2006

Quoting Craig White <craigwhite at azapple.com>:

> I can connect and quota's seem to work fine. I am set to use IMP for
> authentication (Horde 3.1.2 & Imp 4.1.2)
> I was first using 'protocol' => 'imap/notls' and have since switched it
> to 'imap/tls/novalidate-cert' and I have the fqdn and not localhost and
> again, logins, quota's work fine (I actually posted the contents of
> servers.php a week ago and didn't get any traction).
> When I log in as administrator and choose 'Administration' => 'Users' I
> get an error which is logged as an authentication error and have come to
> realize that it is using 'localhost' and not the fqdn that is in
> servers.php. Nowhere (either for server or smtphost) am I using
> 'localhost' - In fact, in my setup, the only place I am using
> 'localhost' is for mysql setup (which is in horde/config/conf.php)
> It seems as though 'admin' login using a cyrus config in
> imp/config/servers.php will use TLS regardless of settings in 'protocol'
> and use 'localhost' regardless of settings in 'server' and thus self
> signed certificates are failing because they don't match the cn.
> Am I missing something?
> Craig

Hi Craig,

I have exactley the same problem, as I described in a mail I sent yersterday.
Edit lib/Horde/IMAP/Admin.php and change the line:

    $default_params = array(
             'hostspec' => 'localhost',

     $default_params = array(
             'hostspec' => 'yourimap.server.com',

and you can get the list of your users.

It seems that Horde read the server.php for the 'admin' parameters, if  
I change
the 'login' parameter with a wrong user I can't get the user list; but not for
the 'server' to connect to.


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