[horde] Redirect on login with vinfo_hook

carlos maca macacohorde at gmail.com
Thu Jul 27 12:40:18 PDT 2006

Hi, i had made some changers, i use the auth with aplications to IMP,
everything was okay. But, i had change my login process to accept the vinfo
function hook, so in the login page, appears the domain fixed, so the use
can login with only the username. but, after you click on connect, the
process looks like it took the authentication, but it has a failure to
redirect the page. and a page apperas saying: The page in not redirecting
correctly, it´s says that "the metod that the server is redirecting dont
permit the complete of the process."

What can i do?!, where is the problem, maybe its on the redirect.php?, here
is a copy of my vinfo hook ->

   $HTTP_HOST = ' mail.mydomain_com <http://mail.pop-ro.rnp.br/>';
   $_SESSION['imp']['user'] = 'myname';
   $vdomain  = 'pop-ro.rnp.br';
   $username = 'myname_mydomain_com';

  if (!function_exists('_imp_hook _vinfo')) {
       function _imp_hook_vinfo($type = 'username')
          $vdomain = getenv('HTTP_HOST');
          $vdomain = preg_replace('|^mail\.|i', '', $vdomain);
        $vdomain = String::lower($vdomain);

           if ($type == 'username') {
           return preg_replace('|\.|', '_', $_SESSION['imp']['user'] . '_' .
           } elseif ($type == 'vdomain') {
               return $vdomain;
           } else {
               return PEAR::raiseError('invalid type: ' . $type);

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