[horde] Fwd: Filters

Andrew Morgan morgan at orst.edu
Fri Jun 8 17:10:00 UTC 2007

On Fri, 8 Jun 2007, Ward Hammond wrote:

> Is there any one on the list that can help with this.  The designers
> and/or programmers of horde seem to be unable to understand the problem.
> If I use the terms and fields in the address book, the name field is
> not recognised in the filter system.  The "name" field seems to be
> what is displayed in the "from" field of the mail inbox list.  This
> "name" field contains a common name for multiple spams with different
> actual "from" email addresses.
> I would like to know HOW to set the filter to recognise this "name"
> field and stop this spam from showing up.
> It would also be nice if the filters could be set to run in background
> and delete/block these as they arrive so I do not have to wait for
> long periods after manually starting the filters or if it's set to
> automatically run the filters at logon.

Understood - you want to block on the "pretty name" portion of the To: 
address, not the actual email address.  For example:

To: "Mary Smith" <mary at example.com>

And you want to filter on the string "Mary Smith".

I don't use filtering within Horde myself, so I can't describe how to 
create a filter for this.  It is generally better to perform the filtering 
during message delivery by the MTA, using a tool such as procmail or 
sieve.  Which tool you use depends on your MTA and mail server (we use 
postfix and Cyrus IMAPD here).

Also, the filtering style you are trying to use will require a lot of 
manual additions to the filter list over time, as spammers change their 
tactics.  For more robust spam blocking using free/open-source tools, I'd 
recommend setting up your MTA to use various RBL lists and Spam Assassin 
tagging of message.


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