[horde] Horde imp Webmail user Login Fails with Error [login failed]

Vilius Šumskas vilius at lnk.lt
Thu Jul 26 18:50:20 UTC 2007


> I am not sure if this was needed but I
> did a /etc/rc.d/init/sshd restart
> after modifying 'conf.php' and then I 

This was not necessary. Horde doesn't use SSH.

> attempted to log onto Horde imp Webmail
> with the same results, back at the login 
> screen being told the 'Login Failed'.

> When I look at the 'psa-horde.log' I see 
> the failed login attempt with the same
> info as before.

> What else could you suggest I try to
> overcome not being able to login?

I think what happens here is that IP in a session doesn't correspond
to the IP in your computer (because of SAT link). In this case only
core developers could help you. Have you tried logging in from another
place with for example DSL connectivity?

Also I can see that you are using modified Plesk version of Horde. So
you should ask them.

Best regards,

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