[horde] How to add real-time or graphical data and click-to-features buttons into Turba address book views ?

Chuck Hagenbuch chuck at horde.org
Tue Apr 8 17:46:25 UTC 2008

Quoting Olivier <oza-4h07 at myamail.com>:

> 1. Could it be real-time data (periodically refreshed) ?
> 2. Could it be graphical (small icons) ?
> 3. Could it be activable with contact-related data passed over to an
> external REST application (click-to-feature function) ?
> To build such application today, I could mashup Turba data with another
> application providing the features I'm after (dynamism, graphism,
> application triggering) just like this :
> http://theupstairsroom.com/65
> Is there a more easy way ?

You can write a custom form renderer and/or a custom form type with  
its own renderer, to do more or less whatever you want.

Maybe if you had a small, specific example it'd be easier for us to  
help you and for you to explain exactly what you need.


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