[horde] Horde 4.0-RC2

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Wed Mar 30 08:42:12 UTC 2011

Zitat von eculp <eculp at encontacto.net>:

> Quoting Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:
>> The installation method for Horde 4 has been changed to use the PEAR
>> installer. To prepare your local PEAR installation to install software from
>> Horde's PEAR server, run the following commands from the command line:
>>  pear channel-discover pear.horde.org
> The above seems to have worked as expected.
> # pear channel-discover pear.horde.org
> Channel "pear.horde.org" is already initialized
> Lost my good luck on the following instruction.
>>  pear install horde/horde_role-beta
> # pear install horde/horde_role-beta
> downloading Horde_Role-1.0.0RC2.tgz ...
> Starting to download Horde_Role-1.0.0RC2.tgz (2,281 bytes)
> ....done: 2,281 bytes
> Validation Error: task <tasks:postinstallscript> in file  
> Horde/Role.php is invalid because of "Analysis of post-install  
> script "Horde/Role.php" failed: Parser error: token_get_all()  
> function must exist to analyze source code, PHP may have been  
> compiled with --disable-tokenizer
> "

That error message is pretty clear. You have some PHP version that has  
the tokenizer disabled, which is insane, though not suprising, seeing  
what some distributions do to their PHP packages.

>>  pear run-scripts horde/horde_role
> I assume that the above line will only work if the first two do so I  
> have stopped here and have been checking google with no luck yet.
> Any idea as to what I might have missed?
> Thanks,
> ed
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