[horde] Migrating to a new Horde install

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Wed Mar 30 15:34:25 UTC 2011

Zitat von lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de:

> Zitat von Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:
>> Zitat von lst_hoe02 at kwsoft.de:
>>> Zitat von Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:
>>>> Zitat von Simon Brereton <simon.brereton at dada.net>:
>>>>> So, after some success at getting installed, I'm stuck with the  
>>>>> most obvious question.  No one else has asked it, so it's  
>>>>> probably stupid or lazy..
>>>>> When Horde4.0 is finally released, many people will be upgrading  
>>>>> from a legacy installation.  Which brings its own challenges, to  
>>>>> be sure.  However, I will be setting Horde4.0 on a completely  
>>>>> new box.  Given that there about 732 tabs worth of options to  
>>>>> wade through and configure, is there some way to get an easy  
>>>>> synopsis of all the old configuration parameters?
>>>> Like the descriptions that come with each setting in the interface?
>>>> You have two options: either you use Horde because of it's  
>>>> tremendous flexibility, one sign for that are "732" tabs of  
>>>> configuration. Or you hope the best that we picked sane defaults  
>>>> for each setting (we did). But please don't come back then to ask  
>>>> each time if this or that feature would possible, until you've  
>>>> really gone through all configuration options.
>>>>> I'm dreading wading through this lot once - let alone setting it  
>>>>> up on stage and then doing it all again on prod (although at  
>>>>> that stage it may be easier to copy over the install/config  
>>>>> files I've built on stage, but I'm not sure about the soundness  
>>>>> of that approach.
>>>> That's perfectly sane and best practice for *any* staging of  
>>>> services into production.
>>> While i agree that porting the settings is not necessary or easily  
>>> possible i like to know what migration path if any exists for the  
>>> following:
>>> - Turba contact data
>>> - Kronolith calendar
>>> - SyncML state and devices
>>> - Identity settings
>>> Many Thanks
>>> Andreas
>> Jan.
> After reading the UPGRADING the best way seems to be to make a clone  
> of the database used for Horde3 and point Horde4 at it to let the  
> schema upgrades do its job and fire up the data mangeling scripts.  
> What is not obvious is what happens to now obsolet tables like  
> horde_datatree? I guess they will not get deleted so housekeeping is  
> a manual task?

horde_datatree might still be used and contain data that you want to  
convert to the new backends.

Generally, the migration scripts are cleaning up, we even try to  
remove the _seq tables that were created by DB/MDB2 sequence logic.


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