[horde] ActiveSync on nokia e75

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu Mar 31 16:46:15 UTC 2011

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Zitat von Vittorio Manfredini <vittorio at vitsoft.bz>:

>> Zitat von Vittorio Manfredini <vittorio at vitsoft.bz>:
>>> I installed the horde4-RC2 +imp +turba + kronolith on my devel
>>> server and the tried to syncronize with my nokia e75 with Mail for
>>> exchange version 3.09.
>>> For Contacts, calendar and tasks no problem, but I cannot syncronize email.
>>> It's email syncronization not included in this release ?
>> No.
>>> Will be in a furure release available ?
>> Maybe, though it's not really necessary.
> I am confusing ..
> I use horde 3 in production with z-push for email push and it's work fine.

There is no z-push in Horde 3. You are probably using Kolab which has  
z-push as an ActiveSync interface. But that has nothing to do with  

Horde 4 has it's own, cleanly integrated ActiveSync library (which  
happens to be based on Z-Push, but that irrelevant).

> Now I read that horde4 will support activesync starting from the  
> z-push project. I was very happy I can realize my dream to have the  
> opportunity using only a sw to syncronize calendar, contacts and  
> email.
> As you said there are no plan to support email syncronization (email  
> push), now what I have to say to my customers, sorry you loose email  
> push, but you can sincronize contacts and calendars ?

Let them use IMAP. It supports push, it's an open protocol, it has  
clients on any device out there.

> I thik that a email push sevice it's a need, maybe (for my point of  
> view)  more that syncronize calendar and contacts.

Maybe email push needed, but it doesn't have to be provided through  

> I do calendar and contacts syncronization now using syncml on nokia,  
> not very good but it's work and using z-push activesync for email,
> My hope was that I can do all this actions with a single piece of software.


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