[horde] metar block not working in 1.2.9, OK in 1.2.3

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Mon May 30 16:30:41 UTC 2011

I have metar block working OK in my 1.2.3 webmail, but
not in the 1.2.9 release.  Other blocks such as sunrise/sunset
seem OK.

The 1.2.9 was installed parallel to 1.2.3.  The database was copied
to a new mysql database for 1.2.9.  Then the conf was updated
to reflect settings we use in 1.2.3, servers.php set up, etc.

I followed the wiki instructions to apply the METAR locations to the database
used by webmail 1.2.9.


After an attempt to add the metar block, the title for the block shows:

Block "metar" of application "" not found.

When I add the block, it initially starts with a location
selector.  The Location drop down (for country) defaults to null
and the second location drop down below it shows
a country for the first location drop down, it
refreshes the page showing the not found error
mentioned above.

I have 6700 rows of data in the table metarAirports
and this matches the length of the text file, so the
table did populate.

Other than the revision control headers, the metar.php
file is the same in 1.2.9 as it was in 1.2.3.

I've searched, checked old mailing list items, and can't
find why this is broken for me.


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