[horde] Hermes UI entry of viewing the timesheets of the all the employees

at163zhong at 163.com at163zhong at 163.com
Thu Oct 13 06:58:22 UTC 2011

Hi, all horde & hermes users:

	First of all, sorry to send this to horde mailing list because I don't find hermes mailing list.

	I  installed  horde3 + turba+ hermes following their document in the installation package.
	The installation is fine.

	I  use htpasswd file to authenticat horde3 users.

	I  got trouble in how to using hermes.
	Now  my employee can logon to submit their time. They can see their submitted time  by himself.
	I logon as administrator  and try to search the all employee's submitted time,  got nothing.
	I googled and reach http://old.nabble.com/Timesheet-Management-td4955599.html
	It said, "   I like to use Hermes only for Timesheet management, so features like Invoicing are not being used. We have some managerial staff(notadmins)  who wants to view the timesheets of the all the employees in his/her team. When these people logon they should be able to get the
timesheets per user/per day and per project basis. Currently these features are included in the _Search_ section but it's tedious to search these information. "

	What he said is what I want ,   but  I  got nothing  in the _Search_ section. I only got the submitted time by myself. 

	Should I  do more configuration ?   There is no manual and guide about hermes, I googled for several weeks, no luck.

	I have to ask your help.

at163zhong <at163zhong at 163.com>

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