[horde] Wrong Birthday entry in Contacts ActiveSync & Andoird ICS 4.0.2

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Thu Mar 1 15:49:45 UTC 2012

Quoting Daniel Basa <daniel at luli.de>:

> Am 01.03.2012 15:57, schrieb Michael J Rubinsky:
>> Quoting Daniel Basa <daniel at luli.de>:
>>> Hi List!
>>> back again with an ActiveSync Android problem. This time I think that
>>> it's not a problem with horde, but I would like to know if someone is
>>> experiencing the same issue.
>>> Since January I sync my Contacts and my Calendars using Horde. The first
>>> two months I also had the google contact on my phone, but I did a whipe
>>> today and resynced with horde.
>>> Problem is, that all contact's birthday dates are wrong by one (or two?)
>>> days. They are correct in horde's addressbook and I checked the sync log
>>> and noticed birthdays of contacts in there were correct too. Question is
>>> why are the birthdays on my phone wrong?
>>> Anybody has the same issue? Perhaps a bug with google? Because of leap
>>> year?
>> Earlier Android "Contact" apps did not even support birthdays and would
>> display them exactly as sent i.e., as the standard date/time string in
>> UTC. The app in ICS, though, does have support for the birthday field
>> and is working for on my Galaxy Nexus device.
>> If you generate a sync log that includes the contact data being sent to
>> the device, I can try to take a look and see if anything weird pops out.
>> Also, does the timezone on the device match the timezone in your Horde
>> account prefs? Just grasping at straws though since it shouldn't really
>> matter; I don't see how tz can matter since tz data is not sent as part
>> of the protocol for contact messages.
>> Anyway, see http://wiki.horde.org/ActiveSync for more information on how
>> to debug, provide log files etc...
> Sorry for that! While removing sensible data from the log files I
> recognized, that the birthday data is already wrong in the log file. I
> must have made a mistake last time I checked the birthday. So the data
> is defintly somehow changed by horde. Re checking the horde interface
> shows that the data inside horde's gui is correct. The data inside the
> mysql database is correct too (Table: turba_objects). I am running
> Address Book (turba) 3.0.11, Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 4.0.6

AFAIK, all date/time data is supposed to be transmitted as UTC time,  
so it will be different than what Horde displays in the GUI, unless  
your timezone *is* UTC.  When I get back to my office, I will double  
check the specs to be sure that the birthday field, specifically, is  
supposed to be transmitted as such.  Though, I wonder why it works for  
me, on an ICS device, in a non-UTC timezone.

Do you store your calendar data in the database in UTC, or as floating?

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