[horde] problem with upgrade

Helmut Schiefer Helmut at 4Schiefer.de
Wed Oct 31 19:02:42 UTC 2012

Hello Guys, please don't blame me for my question.

I try to upgrade horde on my test system with the following command:

pear upgrade -a -B -c horde

After that I got a lof of messages like:
horde/Horde_Cli requires package "horde/Horde_Support" (version >=  
2.0.0, version <= 3.0.0alpha1, excluded versions: 3.0.0alpha1),  
installed version is 1.0.2

It'S not only Horde_Cli, there are a lot of other one. I asked google  
and also the documenation.

Is there any idea what's wrong - maybe it's a simple solution.


Best Regards
Helmut Schiefer

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