[horde] Horde 5 Distribution packaging -- Community Effort (SLES, openSUSE Factory, debian 6)

Ralf Lang lang at b1-systems.de
Thu Nov 15 11:50:59 UTC 2012

Hi, we've retooled and I began distribution packaging (rpm) for SLES 11
(SP2 only) and openSUSE-Factory shortly. Debian 6 may follow after.

These packages run as a community effort. If you desperately need up to
date packages faster or for other platforms (Redhat, ubuntu), you may
ask for an offer at B1 Systems GmbH (info at b1-systems.de).

As of now, I have two proof of concept packages (Autoloader, DataTree)
ready for RPM. Anybody who wants to join the community effort is welcome
to get access for this repository.



For minor version upgrades of spec files you may find this perl tool
helpful, which was made by Roman Geber (B1 Systems GmbH)


Next: Retooling for Debian Packaging.

Ralf Lang
Linux Consultant / Developer
Tel.: +49-170-6381563
Mail: lang at b1-systems.de

B1 Systems GmbH Osterfeldstraße 7 / 85088 Vohburg /
GF: Ralph Dehner / Unternehmenssitz: Vohburg / AG: Ingolstadt,HRB 3537

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