[horde] GIT questions..

Simon Brereton simon.buongiorno at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 13:59:58 UTC 2013

On 8 March 2013 22:31, Michael J Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org> wrote:

>> So, with fileroot as /usr/share/horde-beta and webroot as /horde, I do
>> indeed get to see all the apps!
> I have no idea how this works for you unless you are using different values
> then you said earlier.
>> But I don't have any CSS or any kind, and when I click on an app to
>> update the config, I get a 404.
> Probably because the path is wrong.
>> So I can reach https://webmail.example.net/horde/admin/config/index.php
> No idea how, since the way you described your config
> /usr/share/horde-beta/horde should not exist.
>> but not
>> https://webmail.example.net/horde/admin/config/config.php?app=passwd
>> I'm also not able to reach https://webmail.example.net/imp
> Let's take a step back. Do you want to use
> webmail.example.net/horde/{appnames} or webmail.example.com/{appnames}? You
> can't have both. For the former, run install_dev with $web_dir as
> /usr/share/horde-beta/horde. Then use the same path as $app_fileroot and
> $app_webroot = '/horde'.


Sorry to bring this back up.  I actually do want to use
webmail.example.net/{appnames}, - and that's what I had, but I ran
into a problem that the links at the top for the various apps were
being formatted as https://imp https://turba etc. so I decided to see
if changing the $web_dir to /usr/share/horde-beta/horde would help.
It does and it doesn't.  I actually do end up with
webmail.example.net/horde/{appname}, but I get a blank page on login
and the only way to get to imp is actually to go to the admin/config
link and select imp from there.  Simply trying
webmail.example.net/horde/imp doesn't work.

Additionally, I have this in the logs.
[Mon Mar 11 13:51:36 2013] [error] [client] PHP Fatal
error:  Call to a member function getInstance() on a non-object in
/usr/share/git-horde5/framework/Core/lib/Horde.php on line 76

I'm going to but the $web_dir back to what it was, but then I don't
know how or why the app links are being formatted as https://imp


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