[horde] IMAP connection initiated for every click in the user interface

adi at ddns.com.au adi at ddns.com.au
Thu May 2 03:24:26 UTC 2013

Quoting Michael M Slusarz <slusarz at horde.org>:

> Quoting Adi Pircalabu <adi at ddns.com.au>:
>> On Wed, 01 May 2013 19:29:30 -0600
>> Michael M Slusarz wrote:
>>>> So far I've seen the following behaviour: every time the logged in
>>>> user clicks anything in the webmail, even when it's not directly
>>>> related to the email part at all, horde connects to the memcache
>>>> server, the to the IMAP one, then back to the memcache server.
>>> I'm guessing one of three things:
>>> 1) You are using standard view.
>> I'm struggling to figure out where to check this :)
> On the login page, you choose between Dynamic, Standard,  
> Smartmobile, or Minimal.

Yep, I'm using Automatic which coincides with Dynamic.

>>> 2) You have "Notify on new mail" active.
>> I was using this, indeed. As soon as I disabled it the interface became
>> more responsive due to the number of IMAP connections dropping. However,
>> once disabling this option Horde stopped checking for new mail every 5
>> minutes, as set up.
> You probably disabled the incorrect preference.  Disable  
> 'newmail_notify', NOT 'refresh_time'.

This is what I did: as user, went to Preferences -> Mail -> New Mail  
where I have:
- "Poll for New Mail:" - "Every 5 minutes" in the drop-down.
- "Display notification when new mail arrives?" - unchecked

>> Is it me misunderstanding this feature? When capturing the traffic to
>> the IMAP server with "Notify on new mail" enabled I saw Horde
>> authenticating and polling each IMAP folder like this for every click:
>> . STATUS "INBOX.zzz-lists.horde" (RECENT)
>> ... and so on.
> This is the IMAP code used to poll mailboxes.  Unfortunately, you  
> have an older IMAP server and can't take advantage of the new  
> LIST-STATUS feature, which greatly reduces the overhead of polling.

Will have to check if Courier-IMAP version we're using has this feature.

>>> 3) You are using IMAP authentication.  This is almost certainly not
>>> what you want.
>> In the "Authentication Settings" page I have $conf[auth][params][app]
>> set to 'imp', which looks like it's using IMAP. We're trying to set up
>> Horde/IMP to access frontend Dovecot IMAP server
> This is correct.  Regardless, I think I misspoke here anyway.  Even  
> if using IMAP authentication, I believe we now cache the IMAP  
> authentication results so the IMAP server is not pinged on every  
> pageload

How can I verify this?


Adi Pircalabu

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