[horde] IMAP connection initiated for every click in the user interface

adi at ddns.com.au adi at ddns.com.au
Thu May 2 04:00:17 UTC 2013

Quoting Michael M Slusarz <slusarz at horde.org>:

> Quoting adi at ddns.com.au:
>>>> I was using this, indeed. As soon as I disabled it the interface became
>>>> more responsive due to the number of IMAP connections dropping. However,
>>>> once disabling this option Horde stopped checking for new mail every 5
>>>> minutes, as set up.
>>> You probably disabled the incorrect preference.  Disable  
>>> 'newmail_notify', NOT 'refresh_time'.
>> This is what I did: as user, went to Preferences -> Mail -> New  
>> Mail where I have:
>> - "Poll for New Mail:" - "Every 5 minutes" in the drop-down.
>> - "Display notification when new mail arrives?" - unchecked
> This is correct.

In this case I think I see a problem: if I disable 'newmail_notify',  
but leave 'refresh_time' set to "Every 5 minutes", my client stops  
polling for new mail, in fact I don't see any IMAP connections at all.  
Is it UI-dependant, as in do I have to have Mail window displayed?

> Courier-IMAP is probably the slowest IMAP server out there.  It also  
> supports none of the new IMAP features specifically tailored to  
> applications like webmail (e.g. CONDSTORE/QRESYNC, LIST-STATUS)

Confirmed, unfortunately we're stuck with it for quite some time. I  
wish I was able to switch to Dovecot.

Adi pircalabu

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