[horde] Errors in Activesync 14.1 Galaxy S3 LTE

Steven Swarts steven at swartsit.com
Thu Jun 6 03:50:55 UTC 2013

Hi guys,


Debian system, latest upgrades

Latest pear upgrade -a -B -c horde 

Recently updated to Horde Webmail 5.1 – passwd finally supported (thanks a heap)


ISSUE: Contacts made on the Galaxy S3 LTE (Android 4.1) do NOT sync BOTH ways


/var/log/horde/*name*of*device*.txt (custom logging setup)


2013-06-06T10:51:43+08:00 ERR: [27884] Changes in cache detected during looping SYNC exiting here.




1.       Removed device from the Active Sync Devices

2.       Removed account from Device

3.       Cleaned up cache from Device - rebooted

4.       Setup Device with Exchange 

5.       Copies across all Contacts, Calendar and Email

6.       Try to add new contact - FAIL - error (same as above)


Also is there any way I can change the logging of Active Sync devices to only show ERR messages? Or some way to filter it when I’m looking? Because I have now twice run out of space on this partition because the log gets HUGE!! Just a single new sync makes the log 11MB, which seems huge does it not? 


Thanks for all your continued efforts guys, I really appreciate this software.




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