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>>> I have been running Horde for quite a few years now, but have never 
>>> had this issue before. I would appreciate some help if anyone can...
>>> I've moved my Horde web server (that has been running Horde 5 for a 
>>> year or more) from being reverse proxied behind another box to now 
>>> being 'direct', so I have made a couple of Apache config changes. 
>>> That was a week ago, and it has been running fast and fine. Today 
>>> Horde has slowed to a crawl, from multiple PCs and browsers.
>>> The server is running fully up to date Horde 5.1.6 on a CentOS 6.5 
>>> KVM virtual machine with 8GB RAM (the host has 32GB), as it has 
>>> been for ages. PHP is 5.3.28. Horde VM average load is under 5%. 
>>> The host's average load is under 10%.
>>> Horde apps and pages are taking between 15 and 30 seconds to load. 
>>> Logout is instantaneous. Test.php is instantaneous. GET login.php 
>>> is instantaneous. POST login takes 30 seconds, but loading the CSS 
>>> and JS is quick. Basic mode is as slow as dynamic. If I log into 
>>> Smart phone mobile mode it is fast (under 3 seconds even for 
>>> 'heavy' pages). ActiveSync is still flying, with logged response 
>>> times under 0.5 sec. ActiveSync refreshes fast on the phones. 
>>> Connectivity within Horde apps remains fast and responsive, so if I 
>>> load Imp (which takes 15 seconds) emails appear almost instantly 
>>> once Imp loads, and can be read, refreshed, deleted, etc., all as 
>>> per normal speed.
>>> The Apache server on the VM serves other web sites, and they 
>>> respond in under a second, including a Wordpress blog that runs on 
>>> PHP and that is plenty quick enough. PHPLdapAdmin runs internally 
>>> on the same server, and responds (including with a https login to 
>>> the separate LDAP server that Horde auths users to) in under 0.5 
>>> seconds).
>>> For troubleshooting I am connecting inside the LAN with just http 
>>> instead of https and with no port forwarding via my router. I have 
>>> disabled / re-enabled caching (currently xcache). I have restarted 
>>> apache, checked its config, and rebooted the server. I have trimmed 
>>> down php loaded modules. Still, horde load times are between 12 
>>> seconds and 30 seconds.
>>> Horde logs show nothing abnormal at INFO level, and at DEBUG level 
>>> so much is logged it is hard to follow anything for the 30 or 40 
>>> seconds I have it at DEBUG.
>>> If anyone has any ideas where I can look next please let me know! 
>>> :) Log detail below.
>>> Thanks
>>> Simon
>> Answered it myself.
>> Installed xdebug, and drilled down into the resultant file. Found:
>> Gollem_Application -> authTransparent was taking time.
>> My Samba server had an issue which I was not aware of, and because 
>> Horde couldn't see the three SMB shares, the entire Horde website 
>> ground to almost a halt.
>> It's certainly a drastic reaction to an app in the background not 
>> being able to see a share...
> Not sure what else we can do.  You have to have some kind of 
> reasonable timeout that allows a connection to the Gollem VFS backend 
> if it doesn't immediately respond.  I'm guessing that timeout is 5 
> seconds which may be too long by default (can't remember if it is 
> configurable).  But it can't be 0.1 seconds either.
> Even if it was 2 seconds, that would still be 6 seconds of wait time 
> on your particular installation.  Which means the remedy is the same: 
> either fix the VFS connection or remove it from the backend list.
> In the past, I believe we were trying to connect to the gollem VFS 
> backends even if they weren't used in a page access, but I believe 
> that has been fixed.
> michael
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> Thanks Michael. I wasn't going near Gollem, and every page access  
> was doing it, even saving configuration. 
> One thing I noticed was what appears to be a lack of logging, even  
> at high log levels. 
> Should a Gollem vfs backend fail like this not be notified to admin  
> through log entries? Would have saved a lot of time and  
> troubleshooting. 
> Simon 

No, because this is from trying to display the backends in the top  
menu, if possible. It's fine to fail at this point, so that we only  
display the main Gollem entry. Thus no notification. We also don't try  
to authenticate if transparent authentication is disabled.
But if you enable transparent authentication, it's your job to keep it  

Jan Schneider
The Horde Project

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