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>> One thing I noticed was what appears to be a lack of logging, even  
>> at high log levels. 
>> Should a Gollem vfs backend fail like this not be notified to admin  
>> through log entries? Would have saved a lot of time and  
>> troubleshooting. 
>> Simon 
> No, because this is from trying to display the backends in the top  
> menu, if possible. It's fine to fail at this point, so that we only  
> display the main Gollem entry. Thus no notification. We also don't  
> try to authenticate if transparent authentication is disabled.
> But if you enable transparent authentication, it's your job to keep  
> it working.
> -- 
> Jan Schneider

I accept that it is fine to fail, and the fallback to only display the  
Gollem entry without the backends is the logical action, but why not  
log that it has failed? I'm not talking about inline notification, but  
a horde log entry possibly at WARN or NOTICE level that mapping a  
backend has failed would be a logical response to a failure.

If the authentication error is caught to fallback to main Gollem entry  
only, can that fallback routine not advise to  that effect to the  
Horde log engine?

I'll check out transparent authentication, it's not something I have  
ever seen / know anything about with Horde. How is it configured?


Simon Wilson
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