[horde] Horde sabre caldav authentication

Will Holland will at sandiegosunset.com
Wed Apr 23 01:21:20 UTC 2014


I have been using horde for many years for webmail, but with the 
addition of active sync and other great features I am working on trying 
to phase out outlook and use the thunderbird with lightning to sync 
calendars and contacts with horde. I have successfully configured 
activesync and am able to logon to horde directly.

The problem arises when I try to use the subscription links, provided by 
horde, for the calendars or contacts. I get a dialog box to enter the 
user/pass. Each time I enter the user/pass it fails to authenticate and 
on the third fail I get:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
- <#> <d:errorxmlns:d="*DAV:*"xmlns:s="*http://sabredav.org/ns*">
<s:message>No basic authentication headers were found!</s:message>

I have tried changing authentication horde to IMAP, which has no effect. 
I can still login in to horde but the calendar and contact subscription 
links wont authenticate.

I have tracked the exception to this file


*which I believe calls this file to get the username/pass


I have submitted this issue to parallels for support, but they say they 
don't support it since it a third party product, even though it is very 
integrated into plesk.

I am running:
horde 5.15
plesk 11.5.30
centos 6.5
PHP 5.3.3

Any help is appreciated.


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