[horde] How to upgrade to webmail-5.1.5 with PEAR (was Re: HGWE 5.1.5 and HGWE 5.2.0)

Steffen skhorde at smail.inf.fh-bonn-rhein-sieg.de
Fri Jul 25 09:30:49 UTC 2014

On Thu, 24 Jul 2014, ANANT S ATHAVALE wrote:
>> Zitat von ANANT S ATHAVALE <asa at isac.gov.in>:
>>> The releases of HGWE 5.1.5 and HGWE 5.2.0 happened in very quick 
>>> succession.
>>> Will I be able to upgrade to HGWE 5.1.1 using pear upgrade method?  I 
>>> remember, it may be difficult right now as both are now stable versions.
>>> Please guide me, if I can upgrade my existing setup to HGWE 5.1.5 first.
>> You need to specify the exact version of each module during upgrade.
> Thank you.  Does it mean, I need to upgrade like
> pear upgrade -a -B horde/imp-6.1.8
> pear upgrade -a -B horde/kronolith-4.1.6
> pear upgrade -a -B horde/turba-4.1.5
> pear upgrade -a -B horde/horde-5.1.7
> Will these command take care of dependencies of each module with correct 
> version?
> or is it also OK, if I give
> pear upgrade -a -B horde/webmail-5.1.5 will also do my job which also takes 
> care of dependencies with correct versions?

pear install -p -a horde/webmail-5.1.5 tries to install/upgrade:


Hence, Jan's comment applies to each individual module and one has to 
avoid "-a".

How do I get to know the dependencies of webmail-5.1.5, in order to avoid 
an upgrade to H5.2. because I like to test it first?

pear package-dependencies horde/webmail-5.1.5
This package does not have any dependencies.

The package.xml in webmail-5.1.5.tgz lists, for example:


shouldn't the "7.0.0" be replaces by "6.2.0" in order to avoid pulling the 
H5.2 package?

If I do so locally, I get:
pear install -p -a /tmp/webmail-5.1.5.tgz
Skipping package "horde/webmail", already installed as version 5.1.4
No valid packages found
install failed

pear upgrade -p -a /tmp/webmail-5.1.5.tgz
WARNING: "pear/Console_Getopt" is deprecated in favor of 
Failed to download pecl/idn within preferred state "stable", latest 
release is version 0.2.0, stability "beta", use 
"channel://pecl.php.net/idn-0.2.0" to install
WARNING: "pear/Console_Getopt" is deprecated in favor of 
WARNING: "pear/Console_Getopt" is deprecated in favor of 
Duplicate package channel://pear.horde.org/horde-5.1.7 found
Duplicate package channel://pear.horde.org/horde-5.2.0 found
upgrade failed

I also changes:


The individual variant does not seem to work for the very same reason:

pear upgrade -p -a -B horde/imp-6.1.8
    ^^ Pulls horde-5.2.0

pear install -p horde/imp-6.1.8
    ^^ Pulls horde-5.2.0, too


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