[horde] related tasks (was Re: A hi from a new user)

Steffen skhorde at smail.inf.fh-bonn-rhein-sieg.de
Wed Feb 18 07:09:50 UTC 2015

On Mon, 16 Feb 2015, Michael J Rubinsky wrote:
> Quoting Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:
>> Zitat von Maurice Kellenaers <maurice at gkbikes.eu>:
>>>>> I have recently installed horde on my webserver, mainly to have a 
>>>>> shared calendar app and I was pleasantly surprised to have a simple, 
>>>>> intuitive and nice interface. Other groupware suites were tried in  the 
>>>>> last year but none were good for me; either too bloated or  missing 
>>>>> items. After a quick test I have decided to use this program  for 
>>>>> 'production' (quotes added because it's for my family of five  only). It 
>>>>> all worked out of the box for me without extensive editing  of the 
>>>>> config. Later I have added the IMP (mail) module.
>>>>> However, I do have a few rants. Nothing serious but I do want to  share 
>>>>> them (maybe I have overlooked an option/setting/something else).
>>>>> - The first thing is that I can't create a task from a calendar 
>>>>> appointment. As far as I have read the docs, this is on the 
>>>>> roadmap/todo list. That is fine by me, so it will come in the future.
>>>> Not sure what exactly you mean with creating a task from an  appointment, 
>>>> but what's on the roadmap is just to merge the tasks and  calendar 
>>>> applications. This is just a technical thing and won't change  anything 
>>>> from the user's perspective.
>>> Let's say for example there is an appointment X on March 20, black tie 
>>> dresscode.
>>> The appointment is in the calendar.
>>> create task from appointment on feb 16; "call for tux", create task from 
>>> appointment on March 19;"pick up tux"
>>> So when clicking on/creating appointment, the possibility to create a 
>>> task(s) with the appointment in the calendar as parent.
>> That's an interesting concept. Where did you borrow it from? And is this 
>> just some simplification for creating the tasks, or do they still show up 
>> an sub-tasks in the event view?
> This was actually suggested to me by a user/family member not too long ago. 
> When we talked about it, he envisioned another tab in Kronolith's event view 
> something like "Related Tasks" that just listed basic details and links to 
> the related task entries. Thought it was interesting but didn't get much 
> farther than that as far as implementation goes. I might play around with 
> this in the near future.

it might be worth expanding this idea to cover any Horde object, incl. 
notes, bookmarks, messages, ... . Like a meta-container. There is a 
connection from any member to the meta-container and from there to all 
members. Maybe, such container could contain meta-containers as well.

In Kronolith, the content of such meta-container (the current event is 
member of - aka its parent) could be displayed in (very) brief view as yet 
another tab, in Mnemo it would be a real link to some other page.


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