[horde] whups: There was an error listing users: Listing of users is not supported.

Arjen de Korte arjen+horde at de-korte.org
Wed May 6 08:35:51 UTC 2015

Citeren ANANT S ATHAVALE <asa at isac.gov.in>:

> I got this doubt due to 2 reasons.
> 1. Listing of users with same IMAP server and same backends  
> configuration works in HGWE 5.1.4, but not working in HGWE 5.2.6.

The IMAP backend has not (and will never) support listing users,  
because the IMAP protocol doesn't support this. It can't be done. That  
you're seeing a list of users, is either because your browser is  
caching previous input and showing that, or you used a different  
backend for whups before.

> 2. The new message added in backends.php of IMP (HGWE 5.2.6)
>     // Plaintext logins are disabled by default on IMAP servers (see RFC 3501
>     // [6.2.3]), so TLS is the only guaranteed authentication available by
>     // default.
> Based on the above 2 factors, I thought enabling TLS may solve the  
> problem of listing users. But, this is not the solution, how do I  
> move forward.  Login through IMP with IMAP is working fine, anything  
> else, if I change, I may be in problem.  Suggestions please.

If you can't switch to another authentication backend, stop looking  
for answers. It can't be done (as you've been told before). If listing  
users is important for you, ask how to change to an authentication  
backend that supports this with minimal impact to your users instead.
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