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Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Wed Sep 7 16:41:41 UTC 2016

Quoting PAC IMAP <paulcop68 at thecoppingers.net>:

> First of all, thanks to all who responded to my question on spam.  
> Some were helpful, some were waaaaay beyond my abilities. I have  
> successfully setup X-Status and X-Level filters that are catching my  
> spam, when I logon to webmail. I typically use an iPhone or iPad to  
> view mail, using the Apple Mail App. Also, my accounts are IMAP.
> When I open Apple Mail, I see the spam in my Inbox but can logon to  
> webmail which then filters the spam on the server and client. Is  
> there some option that will filter automatically on webmail without  
> logging on.I.E, when mail hits it?  Is there some setting on the  
> client, Apple Mail, that will activate the server filters before  
> pulling in new mail?

No. Apple mail has nothing to do with Horde's webmail client. They  
both access the same email server, but since you are filtering client  
side (within Horde), you need to open Horde/IMP to trigger the  
filtering. This is one, of many, reasons why spam filtering should be  
done server-side by the MTA and not on the client side. You should  
discuss this with your provider.

> Thanks again for your help.
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> "Wish I understood all I know"
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