[horde] Problem syncing with AS on Horde webmail 5.2.16

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> Quoting Michael J Rubinsky <mrubinsk at horde.org>:
>> Quoting Louis-Philippe Allard <lp.allard.1 at gmail.com>:
>>> Hello maillist.  I hope someone can help with AS.  The problem is  
>>> that sync seems successful but nothing appears on the Android  
>>> client.
>>> Basically, I am running Horde webmail 5.2.16 on a centos VM server  
>>> which is accessible ONLY on LAN at adress  
>>> https://centos-horde/horde.  I am using IMP as Horde's auth  
>>> backend with my Gmail creds.
>>> I have successfully setup AS as per the wiki's instructions.
>>> I have also setup the exchange account properly (?) on the Android  
>>> client.  Client is a Nexus 6P phone.
>>> I can see the client device under Administration > ActiveSync Devices
>>> User:  lp.allard.1 at gmail.com
>>> Device: Android
>>> Last Sync Time: October 31, 2016 18:53
>>> Status: Not Provisioned
>>> Device Information:
>>> USER AGENT: Android-Mail/
>>> EAS VERSION: 14.1
>>> The exchange account was added on the client by going in Settings  
>>> > Accounts then adding an Exchange Account.
>>> The first "gotcha" was that Android wouldn't let me use my Gmail  
>>> adress as username (the one I currently use to login to Horde) as  
>>> it was already in use with my GMail account on the device (Exact  
>>> message was:  You're already using this username for the account  
>>> Gmail).  I used a fake email like user at horde.localdomain to get  
>>> past this step.
>>> Then I clicked on "Manual setup"
>>> Then I clicked on "Exchange" and entered my Gmail (and Horde)  
>>> password.  Then clicked "Next".
>>> Then I changed the Domain\Username field to my Gmail address  
>>> (which is also the Horde username), entered my Gmail password,  
>>> changed the server field to "centos-horde".  The port was left to  
>>> default 443, and the security type was changed to TLS/SSL (Accept  
>>> all certs) because other security settings didnt allow rto  
>>> securely connect to the server...
>>> I finally hit Next, then was presented with the Sync options which  
>>> I left all checked and hit Finish.
>>> After that, the AS sync process started on the server (using tail  
>>> -f on the AS log file I saw tons of text going by).
>>> One thing I noticed in the AS log is this coming back over and over again:
>>> 2016-10-31T19:44:08-04:00 androidcXXXXXXXXXXXXX INFO: [27189]  
>>> Maximum memory usage for ActiveSync request: 19968048 bytes.
>> This is a normal entry, simply stating how much memory the request used.
>>> After the sync completes, Calendar is empty, task list is empty,  
>>> and contacts are empty...
>> Was the Email empty too?
>> Hard to give any useful feedback without seeing the log, but if the  
>> email worked and the other collections didn't you could try making  
>> sure that the preferences for each application are set correctly to  
>> allow them to be synchronized.
>>> Thanks
>>> Louis-Philippe Allard
>>> lp.allard.1 at gmail.com
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> Hello Michael,  what permissions would I need to double check?  I  
> suspect they would be located in Administration > Permissions, but  
> to be honest the webinterface is cryptic to me.  How do these work  
> exactly?
> For example, the item "Address Book (turba) is set as follows:
> All authenticated users : Show+Read+Edit+Delete
> Guest permissions:  NONE (all unchecked)
> Creator permissions: NONE (all unchecked)
> Individual users: NONE (all unchecked)
> Groups:  nothing in there...
> In the meantime I will retry with email by disabling the Gmail  
> account on the phone and see if at least email gets synced thru AS.
> Thanks
>  Louis-Philippe Allard

Check PREFERENCES not permissions. E.g. Calendar Preferences -  
Synchronization Preferences.

And quoting Michael, without a log file: "Hard to give any useful feedback".


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