[horde] The past of a calender

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Tue Jan 3 20:03:15 UTC 2017

If you are talking about an ActiveSync or Exchange account on the  
device, there is a client setting to determine how many weeks/months  
in the past to keep on the device. Check the client's preferences.

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From: Andreas Mauser <andreas at mauser.info>
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Subject: [horde] The past of a calender

> Hi,
> please can you point out how to...:
> I had to recreate an account to Horde on an Android phone.
> After recreation from the calender data only recent and future are  
> shown on the phone's calender.
> The user need to review also the past of the calender data, back to 2014.
> So I went to his Horde account, exported the calender there,  
> imported on the smartphone and I just got doubles, no past calender  
> data (or at least not everything, we can't tell right now, still  
> checking the data).
> How can I accomplish that the data of the past is also shown? I can  
> use Google Calender or Calengoo.
> Many thanks!
> Andreas
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