[horde] PEAR base horde directory change?

Erling Preben Hansen erling at eph.dk
Wed Jan 25 20:22:18 UTC 2017

  Citat af Nels Lindquist <nlindq at maei.ca>:

> In our backup/test environment, I just tried performing a pear  
> upgrade of the horde channel.  Afterward, my installation was  
> completely broken.
> I did a little investigation, and it seems the Base Horde directory  
> (horde_dir) setting in PEAR was changed from /var/www/html/horde to  
> /usr/share/pear/www/horde.  All of my existing configuration files  
> (conf.*, *.local.php, etc.) are still present in the old location.
> Looking at the current INSTALL file in git, it mentions setting the  
> installation directory by installing horde_role and running  
> appropriate scripts, but there's nothing in UPGRADING which leads me  
> to believe it wouldn't just upgrade the existing installation in  
> place as I've done previously.
> So... what gives?
> Nels Lindquist
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> <nlindq at maei.ca>
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What does "pear config-show" tell you about "horde_dir"
If it is changed something / someone must have done it.

sometimes if multipli users have access to pear it is importent to use  
the same user every time.

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